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Hugo is 4, a lovely looking dog and a real head turner. He has had a bad start in life and arrived here at Holbrook with various issues. He has now been in foster for a while and is responding well to new routines. Unfortunately the fosterer is unable to keep him as she is expecting twins

Hugo needs a child free loving home with someone around most of the time, although can be left for a few hours at a time without any problems. He loves playing with his chew toys, going for walks, chasing the ball and cuddles. He is good on the lead and can sit on command. Bikes worry him a lot and he can be quite territorial, often scared and sometimes aggressive towards new visitors coming into his foster home, however he is calm and pleasant to strangers outside the home and he gets on with other dogs and likes to play with them. He has a double coat so ideally needs a fortnightly bath and regular grooming.  

He would like a quiet life in a reasonably spacious house with garden. He needs time and patience and some further training, but you will be rewarded tenfold with a very friendly, loving, characterful, affectionate dog.

Hugo is now RESERVED

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