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Old Holbrook, Horsham,

West Sussex, RH12 4TW

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Keirene is a wonderfully behaved girl.

She weighs 21.4 kg and is 68 cm paw to shoulder.

Born in 2014, she was pregnant when she entered the shelter18 months ago, and was a great mum to her 5 puppies.

She is affectionate and loving and would make a fantastic addition to a family.

Keirene is sterilised and microchipped and comes with full rescue back up from Canine Special Adoption Service.

If you would like more information on Keirene, please email Sue Venables or Heather Pilkington at caninesas@gmail.com or visit www.caninesas.org.uk, where you will find many more lovely dogs, just like Keirene, looking for a forever home.

Please also look at our facebook page, Canine SAS.

Page last updated 08/12/2017

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